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Most of our dives are around Salisbury less than 1O minutes by boat, far from the nest of Roseau and its diving centers with large number of divers. East Carib Dive, in agreement with the nearby diving school, garantees one boat per site.  Unlike the Indian Ocean strongly affected by coral bleaching, divers will find, here, an unspoiled flora...



Rodney’s Rock et Castaways Reef


Berry’s Dream


These are two shallow dives (about 18 meters) ideal for beginners and photographers. Divers have the opportunity to see moray eels, seahorses, octopus ... Those wishing to go snorkelling here are welcome.   This is a deeper dive (about 3O meters) with several formations. It is difficult to predict what awaits the divers at the bottom. This adds to the excitement. We frequently encounter stingrays and turtles.

Nose Reef et Whaleshark Reef


Rina’s Hole


These two sites are south of the cliff Grand Savanne. These are two very beautiful reefs that start at about 14 meters and descend gently to more than 4O meters. Flora  is mainly composed of large sponges. It is not uncommon to see barracudas or tunas. We even had the chance to see whales in March 2001.   This is a beautiful shallow dive (15 meters) with a horizontal tunnel about 5/6 meters that can be crossed safely. Many moray eels, shrimp, soles. We even find nurse sharks.

Easy Street


Lauro Reef


The ideal shallow reef for the photographers. Maximal depth 12 meters. Small formations on the sand with lots of surprises: octopuses, nudibranches, garden eels and even sea horses for the lucky ones ...   This reef begins in 6 meters and brings you slowly to more than 25 meters. We dive around the reef and we end our dive on the top of it looking for giant crabs, soles of the Caribbean... It is not rare to encounter stingrays on this site.




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